I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: There is no such thing as a product that sells itself. If you want to move product—if you want to generate revenues—you need a sales team willing to connect and close deals.

But what happens if your sales team isn’t meeting their goals? First and foremost, it’s not necessarily their fault. It’s worth considering that your marketing arm isn’t doing its job in generating hot leads.

Even so, it’s always worth taking missed sales goals seriously, and considering how you can better help your sales reps to succeed. The first step? Understanding why your sales pros aren’t performing.

Lack of Skills

The problem could be that, for as zealous and as eager as your sales reps are, they simply don’t have the skills they need to connect and to convince. If that’s the case, the only solution is to invest in some team training—ensuring your sales reps have the tools they need to channel their enthusiasm into actual persuasion.

Insufficient Time

Another potential problem is that you’ve imposed some needlessly tight deadlines on your team—and they’re buckling under the pressure. I’d recommend loosening up a little bit, minimizing deadlines and giving them more liberty to sell their way.

The Wrong Technology

Does your sales team have the right CRM platform? The best connections to the lead pipeline? Resources in place to educate consumers on the product in question? Outdated tech can make life 10 times harder than it needs to be, and your sales reps will bear the brunt of that!

Wasted Opportunities

Finally, your sales team may simply not be following up as they should, missing some key opportunities to close deals. If that’s the case, then you have some cultural problems, and need to brainstorm some solutions to improve morale and incentivize your employees better.

Get the Coaching You Need

One way you can breathe new life into your sales division is to invest in coaching—and that’s something I can provide you with!

Dr. Rick Goodman CSP is a thought leader in the world of leadership and one of the most acclaimed conference keynote speakers on leadership, engagement, and business growth in the United States and internationally. He is most famous for helping organizations, corporations, and individuals with systems, strategies, and solutions that encourage engagement, resulting in increased profits and productivity without having the challenges of micromanaging the process.

I’d love to talk with you more about boosting the efficacy of your sales team! You can contact Dr. Rick at www.rickgoodman.com or call 888-267-6098.

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