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Dr. Rick Goodman is not just a speaker, but a catalyst for positive change. With a wealth of experience he has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and organizations worldwide. Dr. Goodman’s expertise lies in inspiring and guiding people to achieve greatness through the power of a positive mindset, strong leadership skills, and effective communication strategies.


In today’s ever-changing business environment, the need for virtual presentations and training programs is more important than at any time in history! Everyday organizations around the world are facing challenges with operating remotely, keeping their teams engaged, or postponing live conferences and onsite training.

The Solutions-Oriented Virtual Experience™ is a unique and powerful process designed to deliver phenomenal results, your team will be highly focused refreshed and re-energized to serve your customers.
Since 2006, Dr. Rick has successfully delivered virtual presentations and training for his clients throughout the United States, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Rick Goodman Leadership Coach
Dr. Rick Goodman Business Consultant


The process of designing your virtual presentation or training program begins with a series of questions long before your event. The goal: Totally customizing your  virtual presentation or training session to deliver your core messages.

Our best clients consider us their “strategic partner” for the event. Working together as a team we’ll create a huge win for your company or association!


These high-energy, LIVE virtual presentations and training programs are co-created with your leadership team. Our commitment is to accurately assess your needs and your goals, make recommendations and provide unique solutions that help you achieve the results you desire!

Your people will be highly engaged, motivated, and prepared with action steps delivering an outstanding ROI every time.

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Our Client’s Raves

Dr. Rick’s virtual keynote made our event a TOTAL SUCCESS.

JM Matienzo

Chairman and Chief Strategist, ARIVA Academy, Philippines

His workshops far exceeded our expectations as proved by our attendee’s response cards. He knocked it out of the park!”

Matt Hamlin

Vice President and GM Midwest Region, Quest Diagnostics

Dr. Rick – You told me early on that your 2 main goals were to become part of our JRE team and to make me look great for finding you.
You delivered on both promises!
My boss told me he felt the meeting was the best event we ever had pointing directly to your contribution!

Michael Lanham

James River Equipment


Content is King

Virtual presentations and training programs must be up-to-date, relevant and 100% focused on the current needs of the audience. Solutions oriented leaders need real-time information to make accurate decisions in an ever-changing environment.

Attendees Need Actionable Takeaways

People are bombarded with information every day and their attention spans are shorter than ever – especially online. When an attendee receives actionable takeaways their attention span increases and they’re more engaged.

Have Handouts That Add Value

Attendees who have a handout or are given the PowerPoint before and after the program tend to retain the information longer and implement the action steps for outstanding results!

Audience Interaction is Vital

When delivering a unique virtual presentation or training program, it is vital that the speaker’s delivery is highly visual. Speakers need to incorporate polling, hand raising, Q&A, and other interactivity in the program to enhance the experience and deliver a great ROI!

Technology is Critical

Virtual presentations and training programs rely on technology, so the platform must work and there needs to be backups. Experienced and professional speakers have a tech team to create landing pages, registrations, and email reminders to enhance the attendees experience.

Program Quality Should Stand the Test of Time

The audio quality, lighting, background setting and overall ease of presentation matter. Many programs are recorded and viewed over and over and professionalism MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

Dr. Rick’s New Virtual Keynote Presentations for Our Changing Times!

Turning Uncertainty into Certainty

in Our New Normal


In today’s volatile business environment where uncertainty and fear are the norm, there is a common theme. People are scared. They’re not sure how to move forward and survive the crisis.

It’s time to turn crisis into a catalyst for employee engagement and leadership growth in our “new normal.” Companies need more solution-oriented leaders who are resilient and more focused than ever to serve clients with confidence! With so many people working remotely, it’s critical that leaders engage and collaborate with their teams more than ever before!

Are you ready to stay one step ahead of the competition and never get left behind?

Discover the 13 time-tested “solutions-oriented processes.” A mindset that other super-successful people have used to develop a game plan for success in their businesses and their lives.

These are the problems that Dr. Rick helps to develop solutions that get RESULTS!


The Seven traits of inspiring leaders and how they build great teams and motivate people to act.


How to understand the new behavior trends of the radically changed Corona-era consumer and why there is an opportunity for new business growth.


How to use creative thinking combined with strategic analysis to make the right decisions.


Proven ways to keep you energized and on fire to win!


How to connect with the new consumer psyche.

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