Communication Mastery Training Program

Communicate Effectively to Perform Your Job More Efficiently and Confidently

Communicating Effectively

Will bolster your self-confidence by allowing you to recognize manipulative behavior and diffuse its effects.

This training will teach you how to confront problematic behavior and how to effectively negotiate mutual solutions.

Through active participation in role plays and intensive group discussion, you will discover the causes of common misunderstandings with communication and solutions. You will begin to understand how to give and take positive feedback and how this can help to build and maintain winning relationships with people in your professional life.

Communication Mastery will enable you to deal with conflict and pressure situations without destroying the spirit of cooperation and teamwork necessary for a productive and functioning unit. You will be able to prevent emotionally charged situations and thereby steadily increase your effectiveness and the effectiveness of your team. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to perform your job more effectively, confidently, and comfortably.

Communication Mastery Material:

Module 1: Let’s Master Our Communication
  • Assess Your Assertiveness Quotient and Leadership Styles
  • Recognize Submissive, Assertive, and Aggressive Behaviors
  • Identify Primary Patterns and How They Relate To Work/Home
Module 2: Key Aspects of Effective Assertive Communication
  • Language: Verbal and Non-Verbal
    • Body language/demeanor, tone, and manners
    • Perception and reception
Module 3: Making Sure the Message Fits the Situation
  • Expressing Emotions with Logic and Appropriateness
    • Focusing on honest, open, and appropriate communication
    • KISS – keep it short and simple
    • Dealing with stress
  • Acknowledging Your Own Needs Along With Others’ Needs
  • Negotiating Mutually Beneficial Relationships
    • Agreement styles (war, competition, cooperation, collaboration, and consensus)
  • Choosing What You Say Confidently and Accurately So Others Understand
    • Follow-ups, follow-through, and explanations
  • Expressing Disapproval, And Disagreement without Opposing
    • Saying “No” (where, when and how) without feeling guilty
    • Saying “I don’t know”, “I don’t understand”, and “I made a mistake”
      • special circumstances
  • Refusing Requests That Interfere with Your Job
Module 4: Benefits of Assertive Behavior
  • Situations Created Through Behaviors
    • Lose-lose, win-lose, and win-win
  • Not Always Winning, But Always Understanding — How You Play the Game
Module 5: Conflicts and Misunderstanding
  • The Give And Take of Criticism
  • Working On/Out Misunderstandings
    • Avoiding conflicts through enhanced listening — build greater cooperation
Module 6: Application and Practice
  • Working with Angry, Difficult, and Frustrating People/Situations
  • Case Studies and Role Plays
    • Understand the philosophy of communication mastery.
    • Recognize the differences between assertive, aggressive, and manipulative behavior and minimize their effects on you.
    • Determine your assertiveness quotient and communication style with self-assessment exercises.
    • Familiarize yourself with non-verbal and verbal communication techniques to enhance your assertive communication skills.
    • Gain the courage to be assertive in the most appropriate and effective way.
    • Learn to express and accept disapproval and disagreement without opposition.
    • Learn to negotiate mutually beneficial relationships.
    • Become able to resolve conflict and pressure situations without destroying the spirit of cooperation.
    • Translate what you learn into action.

Hugo Peticioli

Director, Country Manager Mexico and Central America Franklin Templeton Investments

Our team” managed to get through the message in a “second language”… I think you mastered the communication skill.

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