Are you looking for ways to train your employees without overspending on your budget?

What motivates your employees? What makes them happy? What helps them to feel like you’ve invested in them? There are a few possible answers to that question, but here’s a big one: Education.

Simply put: Your employees want to grow. They want opportunities for personal betterment and professional development. And if you provide it to them, it lets them know you’re not just interested in what they can do for you right now. You’re invested in them over the long haul.

Just one problem: Education is expensive… right? Not necessarily. There are some good employee training options that can improve engagement without causing you to go broke!

Curate Content

One low-budget career training option? Curate some good, high-quality information for your team members.

Thanks to the Internet, your employees have a world of information at their fingertips—but how do they find the stuff that’s really good, really relevant to their work?

That’s where you come in. A learning management system (LMS) will allow you to handpick some training materials—and yes, there’s a bit of a cost upfront, but it can pay off in the long run.

In lieu of that, you can simply spend time scouting out pertinent articles, TED Talks, and other online resources, then encourage your team to engage with them.

Just Listen

Another affordable option for employee training is to go on a listening tour.

Schedule some structured meetings with your employees and ask them about what they find fulfilling in their work, what challenges they face, and what their goals are.

This can provide you with some insight into the areas where training and development opportunities are most desired—and you can map out a plan to make good, judicious use of your resources, bringing in the speakers or curricula that your employees really want.

Find Your Evangelists

Other options for an effective and affordable way to train your employees

  • Locate the educational evangelists you already have on your team.
  • Recruit the people who are most passionate about training and development to help you put together some new opportunities—and perhaps even to lead these training sessions themselves.

These are just a few basic options for making employee training a priority in your business—without busting your budget.

If you have any questions, I want to hear them—and if you want to talk to me about having me on-site as a speaker, I want to talk about that, too!

Contact me at or call 888-267-6098.

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