There’s no way around it: If you want to enjoy a positive work experience—and get plenty of opportunities to grow and to shine—you’re going to need your boss to trust you.

But what happens if you lose that trust? What happens if you make an error that shakes whatever confidence your boss has in you?

That’s nothing to take lightly, but neither is it anything to panic about. There are steps you can take to rebuild that confidence. Let me offer just a few examples.

How to Win Back Your Boss’s Trust

  1. Remember that relationships always change. When you first started out at the company, your boss may have really seen you as a protégé. Over time, your boss naturally expects you to handle more responsibilities without hand-holding. Acknowledge this, and allow the relationship to change.
  2. Stick to your promises. This one’s so obvious it may not need to be said, but: If you want to regain trust, the #1 thing you need to do is ensure you do everything you say you will, and fulfill all your commitments.
  3. Take a hit. Is there an odious or unpleasant project that nobody else on the team wants to take on? Well, it may not be fun, but tackling that project yourself, without grumbling, can be a good way to win back some favor.
  4. Work on your skills. If you’re making errors at work, it may be that you need to improve certain skillsets—by doing some reading, taking some online courses, or even working with an executive coach. Show your boss that you’re working to improve.
  5. Anticipate your boss’s needs. Think about your boss’s goals and busy schedule and look for ways to help them out—offering to take on small tasks for them, or providing them with reports in advance of when they need them.
  6. Think about how your boss likes to communicate. If your boss prefers text but you’re constantly calling, it may be more than a little obnoxious. Tweak your communication approach to meet your boss’s.
  7. Keep them from getting blindsided. Finally, make sure your boss is never caught off guard by unwelcome news. If you have something negative to report, tell them promptly and clearly, and help them brainstorm some potential solutions.

It’s really all a matter of managing up—and if you’d like to work on developing that skillset, I encourage you to contact me today, and ask about executive coaching! Connect at or call 888-267-6098.

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