Is there a connection between employee engagement and employee self-esteem? According to one new study, the answer is yes—and that’s something that could have big implications for how you think about engagement.

Employee Engagement Efforts are Coming Up Short


This new study comes not a moment too soon, as more and more companies are floundering in the employee engagement process. According to some estimates, more than $18 billion is spent annually on boosting employee engagement, but the return on investment is shaky, at best. By many metrics, only about 15 percent of all employees say they’re engaged!

Employee Engagement and Self-EsteemEmployee Engagement and Self-Esteem


So what about this new study? The results are simply this: One of the most important ways you can help employees feel engaged is to give them work that allows them to feel good about themselves. That is, work that allows your employees to feel a sense of pride—a recognition that they’re doing good work that matters.

To put it another way: Employees don’t want to twiddle their thumbs and do busywork. That doesn’t give them self-pride. Neither does doing work with ill-defined benefits—work that doesn’t seem to improve anyone’s life.

No, what your team wants is to engage with something that’s inspiring—and that, as much as competitive benefit and compensation packages, leads to improved employee engagement numbers.

What Next?


There are a number of practical take-aways for this study, but I think you can start with this: As a transformational leader, make sure you’re articulating a vision. Clarify why your company’s work makes a difference. And then connect the dots: Show each employee how their particular role contributes to the big picture.

It’s an interesting new way to think about employee engagement, and it’s something I believe many companies could benefit from. I’d love to talk with you about this further; to get deep into the weeds of employee engagement with me, reach out at any time!

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