For a good, productive day, it’s important to start things off on the right foot. That means having a morning routine that sets you up for success all day long. There’s not a one-size-fits all approach here, and your ideal morning routine may look a bit different than mine. With that said, there are a few suggestions I’d offer as you think through your own daily rituals.

Designing Your Morning Routine

  • Ignore your phone, at least for a little while. Do you generally reach for your phone and start checking the headlines, or perhaps reviewing emails, before you even get out of bed? If so, stop! Ease into your day and allow more time for yourself. Start the day in a more positive state of mind. I’d maybe even recommend some meditation, yoga, or listening to music before you reach for your phone.
  • Exercise. Do something to jumpstart your dopamine and get your blood circulating—providing yourself with an energy source that will last you all day. Go for a jog, roller blade, or just do some yoga. All of these can be great ways to kickstart your day!
  • Go outside. This one is weather-permitting, of course, but whenever you can, go get a little fresh air before you hop in your car and go to work. Even five minutes spent outside can be impactful. For added benefit, walk barefoot through your yard for a minute or two. There’s something grounding about getting your feet in the dirt like that!
  • Drink water. I’ve got nothing at all against drinking coffee or tea in the morning. Get the caffeine you need for your day! I’d only recommend that you have a glass of water first. Hydration is important for mood, focus, and energy, so start off with the right fluids.
  • Start with the right priorities. Always have your one must-complete project in mind, and tackle that as soon as you get into the office. Achieve a big goal early in your day, and then let that momentum carry you forward!

Of course, there are plenty of other ways in which you can frame your day for success. Be thoughtful about how you can maximize your physical energy and your mental health, and watch how that transforms your workplace productivity.

To learn more about the best ways of boosting productivity, reach out to me directly! Get in touch with Dr. Rick, leadership coach and motivational speaker, at or 888-267-6098.

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