Recently, someone told me something that was truly shocking. I was speaking with an HR professional, and she mentioned that, over the course of an average workday, most of us only have about three hours of truly productive time. And yet, we’re at the office for a full eight hours or more. That’s an appalling ratio!


Then again, maybe it’s not so surprising. If you’re like me, you encounter distractions and productivity killers everywhere you turn– and sometimes, it seems like you expend half your productive energy just getting these obstacles out of your way.


But is there a smart solution for dealing with workplace productivity killers, and redeeming some of that lost time? I think so. Let me offer a few pieces of advice.

How to Deal with Workplace Productivity KillersHow to Handle Productivity Drains


Track your time. Where does your time go? The answer honestly might surprise you. You may be losing 90 minutes each day to email or social media without even realizing it. I recommend taking a few days and simply noting where your time is spent, which may present you with some valuable insights and some potential for adjusted priorities.


Allow yourself some breaks. Taking a break doesn’t mean losing productivity; actually, it can help restore your focus and allow you to get more done. Just be sure to regulate those breaks. Taking 10 minutes to walk around the building is one thing; taking two hours to watch YouTube videos is something else!


Be mindful about meeting attendance. Nobody likes meetings—and while they can sometimes be necessary, there are a lot of occasions where an email or a one-on-one chat works just as well, and takes far less time. Litigate your meeting habits, and start saying no to the meetings you don’t think are really productive.


Start with the thing you dread most. Is there a big, messy task you really don’t want to do? Get it out of the way first thing. Then, you won’t spend the rest of your day seeking ways to avoid it.


These are just a few of my solutions for making the most out of each day and for improving that productivity-to-waste ratio.


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