First things first: You should be getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. You may think you’re superhuman, you may think you don’t need as much rest, you may think you can get by on just four hours—but you’re wrong. We all need good, deep sleep to function at the highest levels. Trust me on this one. I’m a doctor.

With that said, I understand that a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. Maybe you’re anxious, and you toss and turn all night. Maybe lifestyle decisions prevent you from getting the rest you need. Or maybe you have a legitimate struggle with insomnia.

No matter the reason, a missed night’s sleep can take its toll on your productivity—but I’ve got a few tips to make sure you still have a good, valuable day at the office.

Getting Stuff Done (Even When You’re Beat)

  • Make sure you get in your morning workout. Yeah, I know—who wants to exercise when they’re exhausted? But actually, getting your heart rate up is one of the best things you can do to give yourself a jolt of energy for the day.
  • Get it out of your mind. Don’t dwell on your fitful night, or on how tired you feel. Get it out of your mind. It may sound corny, but just moving on really can make a huge difference in the way you feel.
  • Focus on getting three things done. Rather than pressure yourself to cross a million things off your to-do list, pick three big, urgent tasks you can complete, and make that your aim for the day.
  • Eat healthy. Get nutrients at each meal, especially breakfast. That doesn’t mean sugar and pastry. It means lean protein and some fruits and veggies!
  • Go outside. If possible, find an outside table where you can work, even if it’s just for part of the day. Sunshine and fresh air can really help you feel rejuvenated!

Be Productive, No Matter How You Feel

We all have bad nights and tired mornings—but leaders don’t have the luxury of getting stuff done only when they feel like it. It’s important that you know how to energize yourself even amidst fatigue. I hope these tips will help you.

Questions? Get in touch with Dr. Rick at or 888-267-6098.

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