America’s businesses have a burnout problem.


Chronic stress and anxiety are destroying employee wellness, compromising productivity, and torpedoing engagement.


But the problem isn’t without a solution. And to a large extent, that solution starts with team leaders. Simply put, you have the power to help your team members choose a balanced approach; to prioritize smart workflows and healthy priorities over constant churn.


So where do you begin?


Helping Employees Choose Balance Over BurnoutHow to Help Employees Find Balance


Know your people. The first thing I’d recommend is simply knowing your team members—what drives them, what challenges them, what kind of ambitions they have, and what real balance looks like for each one of them. Spend some time talking to your employees, and also make use of employee surveys and personality tests. When you know your people, you’re better equipped to personalize your management approach.


Extend some autonomy. One way you can help your team members find balance is to give them more control over their workloads: Promote a culture of autonomy, where you outline the goals and trust your employees to determine how to complete their work and meet those goals. Studies show that this kind of professional independence can have a positive impact on employees’ mental health!


Encourage your employees to take some time for themselves. Don’t just alert them that they have unused PTO; actively monitor who’s not using their vacation time, and implore them to take some time for their mental health. Of course, you also need to lead by example. Make sure you take some mental health breaks, too!


The Solutions Oriented Leader, for step-by-step advice on transforming your life, your business, and your teamIndeed, that’s a broader point that warranted fleshing out here: When it comes to balance, your example goes a long way. If you’re staying long hours, coming into the office on Saturdays, or sending work-related emails at 2:00 in the morning, you’re part of the problem; be part of the solution! Show what it looks like to lead a balanced life.


I’d love to talk with you more about this, and to walk you through some solutions for creating a more balanced company culture. You can contact me at or call 888-267-6098.


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