Let’s for a few moments look at the power of positive thinking. It’s not a shock or a surprise: People who have a positive outlook, who affirm themselves every morning, who visualize success and believe they can attain it tend to be the people who do the best, both in life and in business.

What is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is about more than improving your attitude. It’s about enhancing your ability to achieve. It’s about expanding your capacity for success, however, you may define the term. Proactively remove negativity from your field of vision so that you can be singularly focused on getting results in your professional life.

But how? How can the power of positive thinking be not merely understood, but actually embraced?

5 Tips on Positive Thinking

I have a number of incredibly pragmatic, real-world tips that you can implement starting today. They include:

  1. Surround yourself with other people who think positively. If you spend all day hobnobbing with complainers, don’t be surprised when your own attitude takes a hit. Instead, try to find friends and family members who will offer you affirmation and enthusiasm. Allow yourself to bask in their positivity!
  2. Express gratitude. We all have things in our life for which we should be thankful. Take time each day to articulate the things you’re most thankful for, and voice your gratitude to the people who deserve it. Saying thank you cannot help but transform your heart and mind.
  3. Rather than doubt your ability to make the lives of others better, be adamant about giving where you can, even if it’s just giving some advice. Giving is a great way to orient yourself toward a more positive way of thinking.
  4. Visualize success. What does success look like for you? What will it feel like when you meet your goals? Take some time each day to think about what success looks like. Visualize yourself achieving it. Make success feel more real and attainable to you.
  5. Be quiet. Spend a few minutes each morning just being quiet and alone either meditating or simply doing some breathing exercises. Starting your day with a sense of calm can go a long way toward maintaining positivity through the rest of it.

Is Positive Thinking Enough For Success?

I get asked this question at training sessions, workshops and when I’m coaching my executive clients.

The answer is No!

Positive thinking is only 50% of the equation. The other 50% Is the deliberate and focused actions that you take towards achieving your goals. It is the same with knowledge. Knowledge is not power, it’s the application of your knowledge with action steps towards your specific goals that is the true power!

When we combine these with focused action steps, the results you can achieve will be unlimited! Get started today and transform your mindset and your life today!

Law of Attraction

Another great reference is the book were several of my friends we’re contributors. The book is called The Secret and it is based on the “Law of Attraction”. Simply put the law of attraction states that whatever consumes our thoughts is what we will eventually get in life.

So, if you think of all the things you don’t want in life, you’ll only get the things you don’t want. Two movies were also made about The Secret; The Secret Documentary and The Secret: Dare to Dream.

The book has sold around over 30,000,000 copies around the world. In our troubling times reading positive books about people overcoming challenges in their lives will help to motivate you to overcome those challenges also! Like I always say, “if they can do it, I can do it also”!

The Laws of Success

The other book that I highly recommend is ‘The Laws of Success” by Napoleon Hill.  The Law of Success was a precursor to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Hill was well known for researching what made millionaires different from the common man. The sixteen lessons in this book perfectly crystallize everything you will need to know to succeed during these hard-economic times.

I have personally read the laws of success each year for the last 30 years and when my son Alex was 18 I developed a project for him called the Alex Project which was based on the “Laws of Success”. The purpose of the project was to combine the lessons in the book and life lessons that Alex would need to be successful in the real world. Each week he would read a chapter and summarize it with the lessons that he learned. I even recorded it On YouTube so that everyone could benefit from the lessons in the book.

If you’re looking to overcome some of the challenges that come your way these books will give you positive references to achieve success!

Harness the power of positive thinking today and see how it transforms your mindset and your career.

A thought leader in the world of leadership, Dr. Rick Goodman CSP is known as one of the most sought after virtual keynote speakers in the United States and internationally.

For more information on Rick’s speaking programs, audio programs and learning programs, contact (888) 267-6098 or Rick@rickgoodman.com, or visit www.rickgoodman.com.

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