Today, most companies are intentional about codifying their culture. They write mission statements and mantras. They develop complex strategies for ensuring that those cultural values permeate every aspect of their corporate life.

But none of that means anything if your employees don’t adopt the culture you’ve set out. The question is, how can you ensure your company culture is more than just a set of ideas?  How can you make it stick with your team?

Building a Cohesive Culture That Really Sticks


I’ve got a few ideas I can share.

  1. Hire for the culture you want. Do you want your culture to be marked by eco-friendliness? Then try hiring people who are already environmentally aware. Are you trying to build a culture of integrity? Make integrity a watchword during your employment process. Hire people who already line up with the kind of culture you want.
  2. Don’t impose culture; collaborate on it. Rather than develop your culture in a locked room, and then dictate it to the team, get everyone together to share their ideas and build the culture together. When employees have buy-in, they have ownership—and that means your culture will have a better chance of “sticking.”
  3. Smooth out your management hierarchies. Culture sticks when your employees feel like they’re part of a real team—and nothing disrupts team cohesion like the presence of needless corporate hierarchies. Keep your organizational structure as flat and as simple as possible in order to make your culture stick.
  4. Lead by example. Culture starts with leaders and managers. If you want your employees to exemplify certain traits or values, you first need to make sure you exemplify them yourself, consistently, day in and day out.
  5. Be a team player. Again, it’s vital for your employees to perceive your company as a team—and you as a part of that team. Show them you’re a team player by keeping your door open and your office accessible. Get in the trenches from time to time, working alongside your people, providing customer service, etc.

Do You Have Cohesive Culture?

To close, I’d just ask you: Does your culture impact the day-to-day life of your employees? Do you just have a bunch of cultural ideas, or does your culture take the form of everyday action? If you don’t like your answer to these questions, reach out to me, and let’s talk about some ways you can make your culture stick.

Get in touch with Dr. Rick at or 888-267-6098.

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