There’s no such thing as a product that sells itself. To move inventory—and to bring in revenues—you’ll need to have a sales team in place. And if you want your sales team to generate real success for the business, it’s important to nurture them; to help them work effectively as a unit, all aligned toward the same sales goal.

But what can you do, specifically, to ensure a winning sales team? Here are a few guidelines I’ve picked up from my years in team building and sales coaching.

How to Ensure a Championship Sales Team


  • Accountability

To have a successful sales team, you need to know what success actually looks like. That means sitting down with your team to discuss both long-term sales goals and the mini-goals you’ll hit along the way. Discuss the ways sales reps should be monitoring their progress; define what success really means for your company.

  • Intelligence

Don’t leave your sales team to fumble around in the dark. Give them access to the data they need—including lead insights from HubSpot or whatever other CRM you’re using. Ensure that your team members are fully equipped with the intelligence they need to do their job properly.

  • Collaboration

Create an environment in which team members feel encouraged to work harmoniously. In some instances, this may actually mean promoting creative competition, which can have the paradoxical effect of bringing your team members together.

  • Training

I recommend an ongoing investment in education for your entire sales team, but also some special, one-on-one training sessions for the talents you identify as being truly promising.

  • Recognition

All employees like to feel like their hard work is noticed and appreciated—and sales reps are no exception. A simple thank-you or a more complicated reward system can both work well; determine the methodology that best fits your team!

  • Perspective

Sometimes, sales teams can become myopic in their view—developing a numbers-driven perspective but losing sight of the big picture. Make sure your sales reps understand the company’s overall sense of purpose, and the different roles that help advance that purpose. In other words, make sure sales reps understand their role in your machine.

Develop a Winning Sales Team

I’d love to talk with you more about ways you can propel your sales team to its highest peaks yet. Reach out to Dr. Rick Goodman today at or 888-267-6098.

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