Workplace wellness doesn’t happen through a simple program or through a few well-intentioned words of encouragement. It happens only when you make wellness part of your culture, one of the values around which your team aligns.


That’s a tall order but by no means impossible. In fact, I’ve got a few solutions I can offer you.


5 Steps Toward a Culture of Wellness5 Steps Toward a Culture of Wellness

  1. First, make sure that when you talk about workplace wellness initiatives, you frame them as benefits, just like you would if you were talking about pensions or PTO. In other words, don’t treat wellness programs like a bonus for your employees to either engage or ignore; treat them like something you expect most employees to avail themselves of.
  2. Make sure you choose the right partners. Reach out to local gyms and see if any of them will provide discounts for your employees or sponsor workplace wellness drives. Also, find a tech platform that you can use to put wellness metrics on your employees’ devices. These partnerships show your level of commitment.
  3. Involve your team members. Stay in contact with them and ask them what kinds of wellness initiatives they would actually get excited about. If you just impose programs or metrics on them you run the risk of alienating them.
  4. Include everyone in your culture of wellness, even those who may not be as physically abled as others. For example, some employees may have physical limitations that make workouts tough, but you can still encourage them in other areas, whether stress management or good nutrition.
  5. Make wellness part of your company communications; include updates, announcements, and encouragements in your employee newsletters, on discussion boards, etc. Make it something you talk about often.

With these solutions, you can start integrating workplace wellness into your culture. The benefits of this can be considerable, too; they include heightened productivity, morale, engagement, and beyond.

Solutions Oriented Leader AssessmentThat’s just to say that it’s a real effort to create a culture of wellness, but it’s effort that can really pay off. Let’s talk more about it one-on-one. You can contact me at or call 888-267-6098.

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