You hear an awful lot about employee engagement these days; what it is, why it matters, how you measure it, and so on.


Here’s one aspect of employee engagement that’s probably not emphasized enough: It just comes down to the way you treat people. So, for leaders looking to improve their employee engagement numbers, it’s largely a matter of honing your people skills.


Do You Have the Right Skills to Boost Employee Engagement?Now, some of us are born with better people skills than others, but any leader can work to step up their game, treat people with greater empathy and respect, and ramp up their employee engagement.


Let me offer some simple steps you can take to enhance your people skills starting today.


How to Improve Your People Skills


  • Always use people’s names. When you pass the janitor in the hallway, greet them by first name. If you don’t know everyone’s name, work at learning them. And if you want to take things to the next level, learn the names of people’s spouses and kids, and ask after them! Names are powerful, so use them.
  • Ask your employees how they’re doing. Sometimes you really are in a hurry, and all you can spare is a quick hello. Work on asking some follow-up questions whenever possible, though. Show your employees that you want to get to know them.
  • Ask your employees about their interests. It’s usually pretty easy to figure out what people are into. Do you have an employee with paraphernalia from a favorite sports team adorning their cubicle? Or someone who asks for some PTO to go on a fishing trip? Ask about these things!
  • Offer your thanks. Seize any opportunity you can find to thank employees for what they contribute, even if it’s something as simple as their punctuality or sense of humor.
  • Show people how they are important. Whenever possible, explain how a particular employee’s role contributes to your company’s big-picture goals and its ultimate success. Allow your employees to understand how their work matters!


Those are just a few of the ways you can esteem your team members, and in doing so, create the kind of culture where engagement thrives.


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