Company culture isn’t set by any one person. Rather, it’s something that emanates from the entire team.

With that said, leaders invariably set the tone and establish some of the core cultural values. One of the key aspects of being a transformational leader is seeking opportunities to strengthen your culture, building it into something that’s a little better each day.

There are plenty of ways to make that happen, too. Here are a few of my favorite culture-building tips for transformational leaders.

Building a Better Company Culture


  1. Make transparency your goal.

A lot of leaders like to keep company plans and changes to themselves—and the result is a team that’s frequently caught off guard, or else feels like their input in the company isn’t valued. Develop the habit of filling in your team members on the state and direction of the company, and getting their feedback on upcoming forks in the road.

  1. Value diversity.

Every company says it values diversity—but how many show it? You can commit to diversity by seeking employees from all walks of life, especially those whose paradigms and experiences are different from your own. Also make sure you give chances for all of your employees to grow, develop, and assume leadership positions.

  1. Stop avoiding conflict.

When your culture shies away from conflict, and when your employees tend to keep their frustrations bottled up inside, it can’t help but lead to some resentment and bad morale. Instead of steering away from conflict, train your team members on how to address it constructively.

  1. Celebrate achievements.

Sometimes you can get so caught up in your goals and long-term plans that you forget to stop and celebrate the victories your team has achieved. One of the keys to a positive culture is showing your employees that you see and value what they do, so develop the habit of acknowledging all the little wins you experience together.


build better cultures with the solutions oriented leader bookThese are just a few of the ways in which transformational leaders foster stronger cultures—and if you’re ready to dive into some more, I invite you to contact me!

You can contact me at or call 888-267-6098.

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