Creating a successful one word business them can be vital for your success in the new year. Every year for the past thirty years I have decided on a one word theme for my business.As a result of this my business has grown every year.

Many companies and individuals choose to use a one word theme for their business or for a specific year. It helps to focus their efforts and to create a common language and culture within the organization.

The Benefits of Using a One Word Theme

A one word theme can be a useful way to communicate the values and goals of the company and to encourage everyone to work towards a common objective.Using a one word theme can also help to simplify and clarify messaging and decision-making, and it can be a useful way to rally the team around a shared purpose.

Examples of One Word Themes

Some examples of one word themes that companies have used include “innovation,” “excellence,” and “collaboration.” It could be resilience; it could be growth. In some instances, it may be something unique and different.

One of my clients, Purple Heart Homes has decided on their theme for 2023. Their theme for this year is “Unconventional”.

Unconventional can lead to many things. It could be unconventional strategies or unconventional wisdom or unconventional ways of connecting with people. I want you to get your team focused on accomplishing goals for the year using a one word theme.This will hel increase engagment and motivate your team members.

And the best way to do it is with one word. A one word theme that will get you focused and get your team focused on what you want to accomplish for 2023. When you have too many things to focus on and too many options your mind becomes confused. And as we say, a confused mind will not buy.

Do One Word Themes Work?

It’s difficult to say definitively whether or not companies that use a one word theme outperform those that don’t. There are many factors that can contribute to a company’s success or failure. In general, having a clear focus and a shared purpose can certainly be beneficial for a company, as it can help to align the efforts of the team and to create a culture of accountability.

In addition, the effectiveness of a one word theme will depend on how it is implemented and how well it resonates with the team and the company’s stakeholders.


How to Develop Your One Word Theme

When developing your theme for the year its best to involve other team members when you are brainstorming ideas.Involving team members in the developing your one word theme increases engagement and increases your chances for success.

Dr Rick Goodman works with CEO’S and Fortune 100 company executives who want to lead, engage, and grow their business. Some of Dr. Rick’s clients include Heineken, Quest Diagnostics, Vizient, Franklin Templeton Investments, Caterpillar and many more.

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