Make Productivity and Performance Soar Through Effective Team Leadership

Leadership Training Program

How to Gain a

More Effective Team Leadership

The best team leaders have a clear vision of their goals and the organization’s goals. More important, they have a passion that allows them to communicate that vision and rally others to share in and achieve it.

In “How to be a More Effective Team Leader,” you’ll learn the personal leadership characteristics and skills that spark the kind of energy and enthusiasm that makes productivity and performance soar. You’ll get step-by-step guidelines and practical advice for transforming individuals into a creative, effective and peak-performing team. The essential team leadership skills and time-tested ideas you’ll take away from this powerful workshop have yielded measurable results for successful organizations across the country.

The One Day program will cover

Morning Session
  • The Transition to Team Leader
  • Qualities of Success: What Makes an Effective Leader
  • Contradictory Expectations: Gaining Perspective
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Seven Blocks to Team Success
  • Building the Team-Types of Teams
  • Benefits of Involving a Team in the Planning Process Early and Plan for Success
  • Structure of Teams
  • The Process of Building a Team
Afternoon Session
  • Keys to Success in Forming Successful Teams
  • Team Assessment
  • Moving the Team Vision to Team Results
  • Getting Others to Buy Your Plan
  • Creating Your Vision
  • Team Leaders Role during Change, Conflict and Adversity
  • Techniques for Handling Conflict
  • Team-Level Conflict Warning System
  • Case Study: Resolve This Conflict within the Team Assessment
  • Methods for Handling Conflict in Disagreement
  • Difficult Team Behaviors
  • Six Step Approach to Effective Individual Conflict Resolution
  • What Factors Determine Success: Success Factors/Failure Factors
  • Managing the Big Three: Projects, People, and Proficiency
  • Core Team Values
  • The Language of Team Management

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