How to Hire and Interview Winners

Find Good Employees Dedicated to Your Goals Through Effective Hiring and Interviewing

For All Human Resource Personnel

How to Hire and Interview Winners

This seminar was originally designed and developed for the United States Air Force Intelligence Personnel and is now available for you and your organization.

In today’s business world, it is hard to find good employees dedicated to your goals and the goals of the organization. Dr. Rick Goodman’s seminar, “How to Hire and Interview Winners,” makes it easy. In this seminar, attendees will learn the legal do’s and don’ts of hiring, how to create successful job descriptions, how to recruit and find exceptional candidates, techniques for pre-screening potential employees and much more.

This seminar is anyone who is responsible for the interviewing and hiring process..

Interviewer Self-Analysis Inventory
Legal Do’s and Don’ts: Minimizing Risk
  • Pre-employment  Inquiry
  • Guidelines to questions you can legally ask
  • Key Federal Employee Rights Laws
Musts for Successful Interviewing and Hiring-Creating Job Descriptions
  • Five Documents Related to Hiring You Must Check
  • Job Descriptions: Why and When
  • Key Components of a Job Description
  • Job Audit Questions Worksheet
Recruiting Exceptional Candidates: Finding Prime Candidates
  • Creative Strategies for Finding Good People
  • Recruiter Plan Evaluator Worksheet
  • Creating an Effective Ad
Conducting the Interview: Essential Strategies
  • Understanding Your Purpose
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Sequence of An Interview
  • Set The Stage
  • Questioning the Candidate: Five Areas You Can and Should Address
  • Documenting Responses
  • Anticipate Problems
  • What Not to Discuss in the Interview
  • Ending the Interview
Evaluating Candidates: Selecting the Best Fit
  • Create a Scoring System to Grade Candidates
  • Look for Patterns in Applicant’s Background
  • Candidate Qualities That You Need To Be Wary Of
  • Candidate Traits That Require Serious Consideration
  • Employment History – Reference Checks
Next Steps and Action Plan Development

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