Here’s an uncomfortable truth for business owners and team leaders: Right now, many of your employees are fine-tuning their New Year’s resolutions—and some of them may have resolved to find a new job in the coming year.

Chances are, that’s not something you want; the cost of employee turnover is quite high, and if you have employees thinking about leaving, that likely points to some morale problems, as well.

One way to respond is by making a resolution of your own—for example, a resolution to boost employee engagement.

And I’ve got a few practical ways you can make that resolution a reality.

Practical Ways to Improve Employee Engagement


  1. Consider ways to augment your benefits package. Yes, this could potentially be expensive—but there are some cost-effective ways you can spruce up your employee benefits in a way that shows employees you care. Maybe offer to contribute a few bucks a month toward student loan debt. Maybe make your sick days policy a more generous PTO model. Maybe consider something outside-the-box—like some extra spending money for healthcare costs. There are a lot of ways you can make your benefits more enticing.
  2. Send out an employee engagement survey. Your employees want to be heard, and technology makes it possible for you to gather their feedback in a way that’s anonymous. Before sending out a survey, make it clear to employees that you really want to hear from them and to learn how you can make improvements—and that there are no right or wrong answers.
  3. Get involved in the community. A lot of your employees want to feel like they are making a difference with their life and with their work—so why not give them that chance? Align your company with some reputable causes/non-profits in the area, and invite your employees to join you in some volunteer projects.
  4. Express your gratitude. This last one is perhaps the simplest tip of them all, yet it can make a huge difference: Simply get into the habit of telling your employees when they do something good, and thanking them for their service. Expressions of gratitude can be incredibly meaningful, whether delivered in person or over email.


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